Acrylic Paintings Gallery

Whimsical Cats and Moon. Made for my cousin Anik. Her two cats Cuddles and Miko. Original Acrylic Painting by Donna Léger.

Some of the Acrylic Paintings I made starting in 2015 going forward. Different styles and subjects. Some are on stretched canvas and acrylic paper. I’ve given some as gifts and sold some. For some of them I sell prints in my online Shop on Irony Designs.

The only ones I sell on Prints and Products are the ones that are my original artwork and which I own the copyright of the intellectual property. Others that I made from video lessons/tutorials, the artist’s policy only grants me the right to sell the physical artwork and not by mass print production.

I will mark the ones that are available to buy prints and products from my online store, and I will mark the ones that the physical artwork was given as a gift or is sold.

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